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What’s Up Copy Squad!

My Million Dollar Swipe File

After I break down some of the best sales letters on YouTube, you can have my notes and swipes.

  • A collection of current and successful sales copy that reveals classic (and new) techniques the best copywriters in the world use to generate millions in sales…
  • Long form sales letters marked up with points you should pay attention to and accompanying notes… 
  • Discover a surprisingly straightforward methodology for dissecting any copywriting you come across.
  • Copy Squad YouTube Channel

    My channel offers copywriting tips and tricks for beginners and veterans alike.


    In 2018 I helped gross over $7.1 million while working with some incredible best-selling authors!


    In 2020, while Copy Chief of around one dozen copywriters, I helped a small financial publisher grow from $11 million in revenue to over $50 million!