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How to get started writing copy [EASY 5-step process]3
How to get started writing copy [EASY 5-step process] What’s up, Copy Squad!  Today, I want to share a breakthrough I had about writing copy. This article is not about how to become a copywriter...
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The Great Copywriting Lie3
How to Make EASY Passive Copywriting Income (the truth) What’s up Copy Squad!  Today I’m going to discuss the incredible perks of becoming a skilled copywriter and how you can achieve a passive copywriting...
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How Much Can You Make2
How Much Does A Copywriter Make? [Average Copywriting Income]
What’s up Copy Squad!  Today, we’re diving into a hot topic: “How much does a copywriter make?” Many people wonder about the average income of a copywriter. So I’m gonna break...
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Find Your USP
Find Your USP FAST | Unique Selling Proposition
What’s up Copy Squad! Today, I want to address a question I received about system promos and the process of designing your system offer and product. Today, I’ll share some key...
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3 exercises (old)1
3 Copywriting Exercises to Improve Your Skills [FAST] What’s up Copy Squad!  It’s ya boy Kyle Milligan and today I’m giving you three daily copywriting exercises that can help you improve your skills...
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My [Secret] Copywriting Process
My [Secret] Copywriting Process REVEALED... What’s up Copy Squad!?  As a copywriter, you should always be on the lookout for powerful techniques that can advance your skills or help hone your writing...
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About Kyle Milligan

Kyle got his start at Agora Financial in 2017 and quickly became known as “The $7.1 Million Man”.

In 2019, he transitioned to the position of Copy Chief at WealthPress where he and his team skyrocketed a small pub into a $50 Million company.

During that time he took 5 writers to their first $1 million launch and paid out over a million dollars in royalties.

Now his goal is to train and guide more copywriters to their six and seven-figure dreams!

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