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One-Hour Coaching Call

An a la carte coaching call.
Bring your copy and we can chat for 1 hour about how best to optimize and scale your copy and offer.

Copy Squad Inner Circle

I’ll act as a fractional Copy Chief or even fractional CMO; Consulting and guiding you to sharpen your marketing. I’ll bring you or your copywriter(s) under my wing, offering an experience very close to actually being a full time writer on my copy team. This includes:

  • Bi-weekly 1-on-1 calls with you or your writer(s)
  • ​Access to join weekly training calls I host for my personal team
  • ​Access to all my courses & materials
  • ​Access to my personal collection of hundreds of swipes
  • ​Access to all my copy breakdown videos
  • ​Access to our private discord

Copy Squad Agency

Kick back and let me and my copy team handle your copy needs.

Our Team Has
Worked With Some of The Best On Earth!

Our Copywriting System Has Produced Over $50 Million in Sales!

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