How to Make EASY Passive Copywriting Income (the truth)

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Today I’m going to discuss the incredible perks of becoming a skilled copywriter and how you can achieve a passive copywriting income! This topic was inspired by emails, YouTube comments, and Facebook messages I’ve received recently. Many people are interested in the benefits of copywriting, such as working from home and earning passive income. However, instead of simply focusing on the dream of being a copywriter… It’s crucial to focus on mastering the craft rather than solely chasing these perks. In this post, I’ll share some pro tips to help you understand the mindset you must have in order to become a 7-figure copywriter!

Master the Craft, Not Just the Perks:

One common trap newbie copywriters fall into is prioritizing the perks over the craft itself. While it’s understandable to desire the freedom of working from home or earning passive income, solely focusing on these aspects sets you up for failure. It’s essential to approach copywriting as a journey of skill development and a genuine passion for the craft. By honing your skills and continually improving, you’ll naturally attain the desired perks as a byproduct of your expertise.

Embrace the Climb and Sacrifices:

Another trap to avoid is overlooking the efforts and sacrifices made by successful copywriters. It’s easy to fixate on where they are now, working from home and enjoying passive income, without considering the path they took to reach that point. If you’re starting from scratch, it’s crucial to acknowledge the hard work and dedication required to build your career capital. Understanding the journey and being willing to put in the necessary effort will set you on the right track.

Immerse Yourself in the Craft:

To truly determine if copywriting is the right fit for you, immerse yourself in the craft. Dedicate time to studying sales letters, analyzing sales copy, and practicing your writing skills. If you find yourself genuinely enjoying and being driven by these activities, it’s a positive sign that you’re on the right path. However, if you struggle to invest time or find it unenjoyable, it may be an indication that copywriting isn’t the right fit for you.

Learn from Successful Craftsmen:

Look to successful copywriters who have mastered the craft and continually strive to improve. Just like musicians, there are exceptional performers and amateurs in the world of copywriting. Identify the craftsmen, the true professionals who consistently produce outstanding results, and learn from them. By studying their techniques, approaches, and dedication, you can gain valuable insights and apply them to your own journey.


In conclusion, the key to making easy passive copywriting income lies in focusing on the craft itself. Rather than chasing the perks of the profession, prioritize mastering the skills and becoming an expert in your field. Embrace the challenges, sacrifices, and continuous improvement that come with the copywriting journey. By immersing yourself in the craft and learning from successful craftsmen, you’ll be on your way to 7-figures in no time! Remember, success in copywriting comes to those who prioritize the craft, not just the benefits it offers. If you’re interested in honing your copywriting skills, I invite you to check out Copy Squad Lite! Click here for more details >>

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