Copywriting Niche That’s Overlooked (NOT Health or Financial)

What’s up, Copy Squad?

It’s your boy Kyle Milligan coming to you from Delray Beach, Florida.

Today, I want to talk about what I believe is an overlooked, yet highly profitable copywriting niche.

I stumbled upon this niche accidentally, and I want to share my insights with you.

Some of you may think, “Oh, they already have this…” but I don’t think they have it the way I’m thinking about doing it.

Let me explain…

To provide some context, I have recently been migrating all of my sales letter content for my book, “Take Their Money.” (I’m sure you’ve heard of it and probably read it by now… but if not you can get it at:

Anyways – I’ve been moving a massive amount of content from my WordPress site to ClickFunnels, and let me tell you, it’s been a real pain in the ass.

Not just with ClickFunnels, but with everything in between.

Finally, this morning, I was excited to start running my Facebook ads.

I crafted a little ad and included a link to my sales page.

I hit the submit button, thinking there was a 50% chance it wouldn’t be approved…

Of course, it wasn’t.

I received a notification stating that it wasn’t approved and that I needed to make edits.

So, I made some changes and resubmitted it, but it still wasn’t approved…

Frustrated, I started doing some searches on YouTube and Google, trying to figure out why my ad wasn’t getting approved.

I toned down the content, even editing the first page of my sales letter, and resubmitted it again, only to face rejection once more.

I was extremely upset because I had planned to record videos for my new product, but instead, I found myself dealing with Facebook compliance and automated messages.

At that moment, I had an epiphany.

There is a huge opportunity for someone to make a killing by writing Facebook-compliant ad copy.

Now, before you say, “Oh, they already do that. There are plenty of Facebook ad agencies out there,” hear me out…

I don’t think that’s exactly what I have in mind, and I don’t believe that’s what many people are looking for either.

This is the hidden niche I’m talking about. It might have been tapped into, but not on a large enough scale.

I haven’t seen it, or maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough.

Many claim to be social media ad agencies, but I don’t want an agency.

I know how to write copy and handle all the other aspects.

It’s only when it comes to Facebook ad compliance that I need help.

I don’t need assistance with writing ads or setting them up. I’ll figure that part out.

But having professional expertise in navigating Facebook compliance is where I need support.

To illustrate my point…

To illustrate my point,, let me draw an analogy with accounting and auditing.

When I need someone to audit my financial statements for SEC compliance, I don’t hire a new accountant.

I hire an auditing firm. The auditors check to ensure my compliance, sign off, and prepare the financial statements.

Instead of starting a full-fledged ad agency, you could position yourself as a Facebook compliance expert.

Now, listen up, especially if you’re a newbie trying to decide which copywriting niche to pursue.

Instead of health, finance, or supplements, consider becoming the Facebook Ads Compliance Specialist.

Don’t just focus on running ads on Facebook; sell your expertise to companies like one of the last companies I worked for before launching the Copy Squad Agency.

You see, they didn’t hire social media agencies because they already had marketers and a dedicated team.

However, finding one person who truly understands copy compliance inside and out would be immensely valuable!

They weren’t looking for an agency; they wanted a consultant, someone well-versed in this area.

It’s similar to hiring an auditor.

They didn’t need an accountant or an accounting team; They needed an auditor who can thoroughly review our compliance and point out any shortcomings.

This is the level of expertise that would have been extremely valuable to have.

This idea was inspired by Seth Godin’s book, either “All Marketers Are Liars” or “Purple Cow.”

I’ve been reading a lot of his work recently, and it resonated with me.

Work your way toward the middle…

Start at the fringes and work your way toward the middle.

As a copywriter starting out, don’t immediately become a social media ad agency.

Instead, position yourself as the Facebook Ads Compliance Guy.

You could start a YouTube channel, providing daily tips on Facebook compliance issues.

There’s an endless supply of frustrated individuals struggling with Facebook ads compliance because they receive generic rejection messages without any real feedback.

By offering solutions and demonstrating your expertise, you can quickly establish credibility.

And remember.. if you’re looking for clients, never start by saying you’re new to the game (that’s a terrible approach that undermines your credibility).

Instead, position yourself as a credible expert.

You can start a YouTube channel or showcase case studies of ads you have fixed, demonstrating your knowledge and expertise.

People will value your ability to navigate this frustrating part of the process, rather than hiring a full ad agency.
Start small, start acute, and specialize as the expert in Facebook compliance.

I believe there’s a significant opportunity for you to make money by addressing this pain point.

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