3 Copywriting Exercises to Improve Your Skills [FAST]

What’s up Copy Squad! 

It’s ya boy Kyle Milligan and today I’m giving you three daily copywriting exercises that can help you improve your skills right away! Now, I considered sharing five or even more exercises, but I decided to keep it as a daily list. I believe in the power of consistency and doing small things consistently to make your skills exponentially better. As I always say, “do the little things consistently, and the big things will take care of themselves.”

Alright, let’s dive into the three copywriting exercises that can help you improve your copy game… These exercises are proven, and I personally practice what I preach. In my first year at Agora Financial, these exercises helped me generate $7.1 million in sales. So, rest assured, I’m not just spouting nonsense like some random person on Facebook or YouTube.

Exercise #1: Read a piece of copy every day

I got this advice from Josh Raven, the publisher at Agora Financial. Instead of just reading passively, I want you to practice active reading. Pay attention to the words and phrases that speak the language of copywriting. Mark up the copy, highlight important sections, and try to reverse-engineer the claims, objections, and emotions the copy is trying to evoke.

Exercise #2: Write a piece of copy every day

You don’t have to write a full sales letter or a massive project. It can be as simple as writing a series of emails or any short piece of copy that allows you to practice copywriting. The key is to write daily and immerse yourself in the language of copywriting. You can either type it out or try my handwriting hack, which I’ll explain in a moment.

Exercise #3: Come up with an idea every day

This is where you reflect on what you learned from the piece of copy you read and wrote. It doesn’t have to be a groundbreaking idea; it could be something as small as a catchy subject line. The goal is to train your mind to generate ideas consistently.

BONUS: Handwriting Hack

Now, here’s my handwriting hack. Start by hand-copying a piece of high-performing copy onto a legal pad. As you handwrite, actively read and mark up the copy, identifying the emotions, claims, and objections being addressed. Once you’ve filled a page, go back and review what you wrote. This way, you combine active reading and active writing into one practice session.

Not all ideas are “Big Ideas”

Remember, most ideas are not big ideas, and that’s okay. Even small ideas can generate significant results. The key is to practice daily and become an idea machine. Don’t put too much pressure on finding the one big idea; focus on consistently coming up with ideas.

By combining these three exercises, you can create a powerful daily routine. Handwrite a page of copy, actively read and mark it up, and then reflect on the ideas that emerge during the process. You can even use a legal pad to keep everything in one place.

If you need some high-performing copy to study, check out my swipe file (you can find it on our home page under ‘Free Resources’). It contains million-dollar copy samples that can serve as great references.

Remember, success in copywriting comes from consistent practice. Dedicate time each day to these exercises, and you’ll see a significant improvement in your skills. Keep hustling and stay committed to your growth as a copywriter!

Peace out Copy Squad,