Find Your USP FAST | Unique Selling Proposition

What’s up Copy Squad!

Today, I want to address a question I received about system promos and the process of designing your system offer and product. Today, I’ll share some key takeaways and insights on how to find your unique selling proposition (USP) for system promos (by the way – this method works for any system-based promo NOT just financial). Let’s dive in!

Start with a New and Unique System:

When it comes to system promos, developing a new and unique system is crucial. While there may not be entirely new ways to make money in the stock market or lose weight fast, you can find a fresh angle or approach that sets your system apart. Focus on highlighting an aspect that hasn’t been emphasized before, even if it’s a marginal tweak. The perception of something being “new” is exciting and can capture the attention of potential customers.

Tease Out the USP:

If you’re working with an existing product, it’s essential to tease out the unique selling proposition (USP). The USP is the aspect you highlight as unique, even if it’s not entirely original. Look for features, benefits, or elements that haven’t been emphasized by others yet. This helps differentiate your system from similar offerings in the market.

Collaborate and Be Creative:

As a copywriter, you can collaborate with the publisher or guru to develop the system and make it more compelling. Look for opportunities to introduce new and interesting elements that capture attention. By suggesting tweaks or additions to the system, you can create a sense of novelty and uniqueness, even if the impact may be marginal. It’s crucial to be creative and think outside the box to find those attention-grabbing elements.

Speak the Language of Copy:

Remember the four key elements in copywriting: new, safe, easy, and big. When developing your system promo, focus on proving that your offering is new, your results will be phenomenal, the process is safe and predictable, and the steps are easy to follow. By mastering the language of copywriting, you can craft compelling messages that resonate with your audience’s emotions and drive sales.


Finding your unique selling proposition (USP) is essential when developing system promos. Whether you’re working with an existing product or creating a new one, emphasizing the novelty and uniqueness of your system is key. Tease out the USP and collaborate with the publisher or guru to introduce compelling elements. Remember to speak the language of copy by highlighting that your system is new, safe, easy, and offers big results. If you want to delve deeper into the secrets of sales language and persuasive writing, check out my book, “Take Their Money,” available here. 

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