How Much Does A Copywriter Make? [Average Copywriting Income]

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Today, we’re diving into a hot topic: “How much does a copywriter make?Many people wonder about the average income of a copywriter. So I’m gonna break it down and cover everything you need to know!

The Misconception of Get-Rich-Quick Schemes:

In the past, some copywriting methods had a “get rich quick” tone, which may have turned off readers. However, it’s crucial to understand that times and reader preferences have evolved. While old-school copywriting principles may still work, the way people interact with content has changed.

The Power Law Nature of Copywriting:

To grasp copywriting income, we need to shift our focus from the average to a minority of dedicated individuals. Think of it as a power law distribution rather than a bell curve. In the sales world, particularly direct response copy, only a small percentage of copywriters achieve significant success.

The Impact of Targeting the Right Audience:

The average reader, representing the majority, may quickly tune out content that appears “get rich quick.” However, the crucial aspect is not capturing the average reader but finding the one percent of super fans who are deeply interested in the content. These are the individuals who will drive your business.

The Pareto Principle in Copywriting:

The Pareto Principle, also known as the 80/20 rule, applies to copywriting success. Approximately one percent of your customer base will be highly engaged and willing to invest time and money into your offers. These are the individuals you want to target and appeal to.


Understanding the true income potential of a copywriter involves recognizing the power law nature of the field and focusing on the small percentage of passionate, engaged customers. It’s important to let go of the idea of appealing to the average reader and instead connect with the individuals who resonate with your message.

By grasping these principles and targeting the right audience, copywriters can achieve extraordinary success in their field. Don’t be discouraged by the misconceptions or the doubters. Instead, focus on honing your skills and understanding the unique desires of your target market.

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